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The development was built in 3 stages with Stages 1 and 2 extending along the full city block of Botany Rd. from Queen St to Morley Ave, and Stage 3 along Queen St to Dunning Ave. The extensive street frontage required definitive modelling to fit the scale of the development with the surrounding streetscape.

A total of 351 apartments are arranged in 5 separate buildings with four storey perimeter blocks defining Botany Rd and Queen St rising to 7 storeys along the eastern boundary and Morley Ave to the south. Each building has been designed to fit its location within the development, ensuring the overall amenity of each apartment is optimised.

The modular form of the design resulted in the use of highly detailed precast design elements with the project being awarded the Housing Industry Association Award for Innovative Design, as well as a Master Builders Award for new construction techniques and design.